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Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan? Are you wondering what will happen next?

We have the answers to your most pressing questions from an experienced drunk driving attorney. Attorney William McNeil has been practicing criminal defense for over 11 years and has prosecuted drunk driving cases as a local government attorney.

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You Could Lose Your Driver’s License

You have just been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan. You have spent the night in jail and posted your bond. You have a court date where you will have to appear before a magistrate or judge. What do you do next? Your next court date will be an arraignment, which simply means that you appear before the court and hear your charges. The court will ask you how you plead, guilty or not guilty?

If you plead guilty to a charge of Operating While Intoxicated, 1st offense (OWI) at your first court date, they will set your matter for sentencing and they will send your conviction automatically to the Secretary of State where your license will be suspended for 180 days with 30 days of no driving for any reason. After 30 days you are eligible for a restricted driver’s license.

If you plead not guilty, the court will decide on your bond (the conditions for your continued release pending your next court hearing) and will set the matter for a pretrial conference with the prosecuting attorney. NO action will be taken on your driver’s license and if you are able to secure a reduction to Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI) you will be eligible for a restricted license from day one of your suspension.

This initial court hearing is important and you need to have an attorney representing your best interests, if only for the initial bond determination. You May Have Defenses To Your Drunk Driving Charges

Unless a skilled criminal defense attorney conducts an investigation into your charges, you will never know if your rights were protected. Our firm will conduct a thorough review of your police report, on-board video cameras (if they were operational), witness statements, accident reports, and breath test documents. Your serious charges deserve a review by a criminal defense attorney who can spot defenses and use them as leverage when negotiating with the prosecuting attorney.

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